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Our company


Created in 2001, the company Jway is the publisher of the FormPublisher and FormSolution software packages that transform all your business and administrative processes into intelligent Web service.

For almost 20 years Jway teams passionate about their profession have always had the leitmotiv to advance our products towards more performance. Today our solutions are recognized as the most reliable and powerful of the market and we are present in France, Belgium, Cameroon, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Our products

Our products are more powerful and simple to implement than traditional solutions, both from the proprietary world and from the ' Open Sources ' world.

Our products allow you to set up a fully automated, powerful, efficient and easy to use business process for both the user and the manager.

Several large public or private administrations and accounts use them and have chosen us to replace the world leader in online forms.


Our Partners

The exponential development of our company and the multiplication of sectors of activity in which we propose innovative solutions lead us to establish partnerships with companies (and business experts) who share our desire to Create effective and innovative solutions

Our FormPublisher and FormSolution solutions allow our partners to develop their business sector. These must adhere to the ethical and Jway professionalism that is based on the motto:

"Customer satisfaction at the heart of our business"

Our partners develop process-oriented business solutions with an unparalleled cost-quality ratio that allows them to approach niche markets hitherto unexplored (HLM surveys for Iris,…).

Would you like to become Jway partners? Contact us and we will be happy to check with you if you meet the conditions of membership in our Project of excellence in digitalisation.


Our customers

Many administrations (Walloon region, city of Luxembourg, the government of the Grand Duchy, Republic and Canton of Geneva…) and multiple companies (Allianz, Verspieren, Waterair…) benefit from our services and remain loyal to us.

Our customers claim that they have not yet found unachievable approaches with FormPublisher and this for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent specific development.

Jean-Marc Boueyrie
Director Jway

The leader's word

For almost 20 years, Jway has won the confidence of the largest accounts in the field of Dematerialization and digitalization of administrative or commercial processes. It is to their contact that we have built our know-how.

With the power of our solution and the experience we have gained, we are now working towards increasing simplicity to enable each organisation, whatever its size and budget, to improve its efficiency while at the same time serving its users and Customers.

Our history

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our business


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