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Operate and manage

Makes it easy to operate and manage the steps and file on an online counter, regardless of the functional complexity of the form or process.

Installed in your infrastructure or accessible on the Cloud

Model and create

Creates and models the form, validation process and notifications as part of an agile process that does not require computer technology.


FormPublisher allows a non-computer programmer to model and create any kind of approach regardless of its complexity. Our solution makes it possible to better respond to the need while emphasizing the user's use logic.

Our solution responds perfectly to the creation of online services regardless of their complexity.

It guarantees:

  • That any Internet user will be able to view, download, print, fill and transmit these documents easily by means of a traditional browser via the Internet regardless of his workstation;
  • Secure transmission of data collected to back-offices for internal processing; 
  • That all the functions that will be made available to the user are Responsive Design and adapt perfectly to the user's equipment.

FormPublisher is a Java application generator that relies on 2 modules (Studio & Factory) to create online approaches perfectly integrated into the context of each of our customers.


A standard tool designed and developed by Jway that allows business actors to easily create, test and maintain any type of form


Module created by Jway and governed by a E.U.P. L type license that relies on the XML description of the form to generate a Java application ready to be put online in the form of a War.


The SmartForm is the Java application generated by FormPublisher Factory that is deployed to be used directly.


Complete Solution to dematerialize any administrative or commercial process with the SmartForms (forms and procedures generated by FormPublisher).

The objective of FormSolution is to enable the rapid implementation and at the lowest cost of a specific solution that responds to any need for dematerialisation. 

FormSolution is designed to integrate easily with an external authentication system and communicate with a Back Office (implementation according to the client context).

The scope of the needs for which FormSolution can be used is wide because the modeling power of our product allows to take into account any specific application since it relies on forms regardless of their level of complexity to collect information.


Process modeling
Rights, roles
Stages, Statutes


Personalized notifications of the actors, requests for correction.


Management of current files (including supporting documents, integrated or external data sources)

Espace utilisateur

Dashboard to take account of requests and access to records


Deploy optimization
Production PDF

Actions spécifiques



Access an example of our product "FormSolution"